Our services

Our services

We have willpower to help all levels of entrepreneurs and corporate clients with the understanding professional teamwork which has numerous experience and expertise in the balance of new talent (modern thinking school) and good wisdom (culture). We can also lead our work to tap financial resources both domestic and international.

New Asset Advisory Co., Ltd. has professed on full economic, financial management and engineering studies with exceptional long track of records. We have received accreditation from the office of SMEs promotion on due-diligence specialist and registered in A class on number 1729 with Thailand Consultants Database Centre within Ministry of Finance in Financial Transport and Information Technology Sectors. We also have full license from the engineering council to be inclusive of design, planning and technical consults, with registration number 0838/56. On the international front, we have registration with Asian Development Bank with recorded number CMS 013700. Some of our detailed work is as follow.

Main kind of services
Offering Detailed Feasibility Studies for large-scale state projects

Provide Full-range of economic study and analysis

NAA can perform both direct and indirect economic benefit analysis under the new trend econometric thinking model in extensive and in-dept fashion to fulfill the increasing stringent government requirements. We can tailor our calculation into public costing fare, subsidy request and utility and infra-structure investment scheme and inclusive of concession. We have implemented tools to analyse the cost effectiveness, project feasibility, cost-benefit ratio, price sensitivity, risk profile and awareness. We can use the statistical analysis from standard to sophisticated assumptions (if necessary with field survey) to find suitable projection for future scenarios and past performance.

Performing Modeling work
NAA can perform the modeling work both for economic and financial studies to benefit in many project requirements. Many of our past projects related in banking industry and logistic work, we used quantitative approach with implementation in both regression style if the data quantity was sufficient and expert judgement if not, to produce the credit scoring for retail customers and credit rating tool for businesses. We have developed the behavioral scoring to include into our models and successfully proved our models to be useful in practice. We have also done some work to predict the consumption behavior, the impact of sectors and calculated the competitiveness in the specific industry.

Guiding New Business Owners

Our executives and personnel are well set with solid financial and administrative backgrounds. They proudly helped advise the, then, distressed business owners to survive the 1996-1997 economic crisis. They were also responsible not only for the start ups of new businesses in both cities and remote areas countrywide but for the initiation of OTOP (One Tumbon One Product) project and for the SMEs educational projects such as Pee Sorn Nong (Big Brother Advises Younger Brother), SMEs incubation, etc. New Asset Advisory possesses high-level networks that cover areas all over the country, enabling us to assist our existing and potential clients at sites. We are prepared to visit and conduct studies for further business evaluations and righteous decision makings.

Offering Business Consultations and Feasibility Studies

We have employed the academically theoretical and practical methodologies, such as business risk assessment, financial statements, receivables-payables and cash flows analyses, to make sure that the businesses of our clients are feasible and viable. When added to other tangible and intangible, present and future factors, we can come up with various types of business solutions which can be used as effective tools for management decision makings.

Tailor and Advise Investment Portfolio

We tailor and offer a low-risk investment portfolio for personal and corporate clients, to which yields higher rates than those from financial institutions or asset management companies. This is arranged by our professional team to suit personal requirements of tenor and level of risk, normally above the investment grade or at risk free(state-owned papers). Our transactions are transparent, comply with high standard and without hidden charges, besides it can also benefit from the capital gain when the market is posing lower-rate trend.

Preparing Business Plans

Our services also cover Business Plan Preparation for submission to selected financial institutions, potential investors and existing and potential shareholders, who are comfortably willing to accept realistic business plan. Such plan will provide insightful information and relevant perspectives of the business of our client.

Implementation of Economic Value Management Framework.

By introducing the new financial measurement that comes closer than any other to capturing the true economic profit/loss of an enterprise. EVM is regarded to add value to the economic activities which can be resulted into the creation of shareholder wealth over time. This method will also promote the visibility of non-tangible loss or cost and the staff awareness for the development of their operation. EVM will lead to the new approved, fare and justified calculation of pay-scale introduced by the economic profit in every business unit, and the practical balanced scorecard for the enterprise planning lay-out. We have the team who has enormous experience in successfully imposing EVM into specialized bank and large public enterprise operations.

Performing Risk Management with Holistic Approach.

No doubt that risk management is necessary in every enterprise, especially that to be assessed by rating agency and investor, and the business that is on service side or involves large fund flow. We have professionals who focus on the consultation of risk management for state enterprises and businesses. Their risk areas vary in vast business natures, for few examples commercial banks, the port authority, transport company, and areas cover financial specially credit risk in banking, operation, strategy, policy etc. The work can recommend the alternative risk transfer, risk mapping, the challenge of managing longevity risk, the new theme towards the management of assets or liabilities and the policy positioning.

Securing Project Financing Sources

Well equipped with solid experiences in financial fields, our personnel are capable of clearly understanding financial needs of the business and are familiar with the banking as well as the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) procedures and requirements in order to secure the project?s funding from both money and capital markets. Our company name is also included in the alliance list of major financial institutions, investment bankers and government agencies. As such, we are confident that our business solutions can be one of your best choices.

Proposing Business Restructuring/Rehabilitation and Debt Negotiation

One of our core strengths is our negotiation skills for the best win-win business restructuring and rehabilitation plan/agreement, which, most of the time, satisfies both creditors and debtors. Our team comprises of legal experts who have solid experiences in foreclosure and bankruptcy procedures. In certain cases, we can also provide refinancing sources to payout troubled debts.

Designing Business and Accounting Applications

New Asset Advisory also provides business and accounting system designs for your businesses such that you can substantially trim down your operating costs/expenses and become a Good-Corporate-Governance company, which is one of the most important requirements in order to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). In case that your businesses need strategic partners or new equity holders or large-scaled sources of funds, our team is keen to utilize its sound knowledge to help.

Advising Mergers and Acquisitions

Venture capital is regarded as one of the most important funding strategies that we use to improve the entrepreneurial efficiencies and profitability. Should your businesses need to grow without having to inject additional capital or increase the businesses? financial obligations, which may affect your Debt-to-Equity Ratio, our job is to utilize our strong connections with private-and-public-owned venture capital funds to satisfy your financial needs. This will also help open up the window of opportunities for your businesses to grow and to expose to the co-investment funds of the government or even special-purposed fund, such as Tsunami Relief Fund.

Performing Business Auditing and Due Diligence

New Asset Advisory offers business auditing and due diligence together with property appraisal services, which are major steps for many financial activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, venture capitals, securitizations, asset-backed security, debt negotiations/restructuring as well as private and public placements. Our staff is in the Qualified-Financial-Advisors list, approved by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Engineering Design and 3D Simulation Work

We have Thai and International engineering team with graphic instruments to facilitate the preliminary and detailed structure design related to marina, all kinds of port, jetties, breakwaters, beach structure, submerged structure and navigator system.

We can offer physical modeling and mathematical work in both 2D and 3D assessment of hydraulic and structural responses, harbor layout, and oblique waves effect, and 3D of all kind of coastal and marine structures. Our services also cover wave and water level measurements and prediction of currents, tides and surges and relations to meteorology and topography surveys.

Organization of Training, On-the-job Training and Workshop

We have long-time experience in organizing training, on-the-job training and workshop for all size of corporates and public enterprises. We normally put our effort on knowledge sharing and transfer between speakers and audience with aims to understand the hidden dilemma, work process, obstruction and to share solutions with them, with addition of case study and project simulation. We can perform pre and post tests for all audience or selected group of attendants. Our curriculums include Risk Management, Project Feasibility Study, Good Governance, Compliance Rules, Asset Management, Fraud Prevention, Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Management Information System (FMIS), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and many others.