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NewAsset Advisory has experience of consultancy services of more than 50 projects within Thai government and to include all related projects of more than 100 references. NAA started off with willpower to help all levels of entrepreneurs and corporate clients with the understanding professional teamwork which has numerous experience and expertise in the balance of new talent (modern thinking school)and good wisdom (culture).

From NAA past good record and endeavor in the early period, NAA have been registered as the approved financial audit for SMEs under SME promotion office and the registered advisor level A in the financial, logistic and IT sectors within Thai Consultants Database Centre, Ministry of Finance.NAA now has main focus to provide valuable tasks for Thai government and particularly on large-scale project analysis. NAA services are ranging from business owners choice till government regulatory compliance and planning, as to follow

  1. Guiding New Business Owners
  2. OfferingDetailed Feasibility Studies for large-scale state projects
  3. Tailor and Advise Investment Portfolio
  4. Provide Full-range of economic study and analysis
  5. Implementation of Economic Value Management Framework.
  6. Performing Risk Management with Holistic Approach.
  7. Securing Project Financing Sources
  8. Performing Modeling work
  9. Advising Mergers and Acquisitions
  10. Performing Business Auditing and Due Diligence

NAA main focus with Thai government is now related on the strategic review and planning on energy and logistic sectors, risk and process management within financial institutions and transport organizations, payment and control system, cost and economic benefit analysis within the large-scale infra-structure projects and tailoring public-private-partnership (PPP) scheme for maga-projects. NAA has expertise on modeling work related to economic benefit assessment, credit risk analysis, data management, consumer behavior assessment and traffic calculation and transport planning, with options to integrate our work into the whole workable and efficient system.

NewAsset Advisory is mainly providing consultancy work within Thailand but NAA has full-range of services from local firms to the top-level client users such as the prime minister study and the cabinet. NAA has numerous experience on financial advisory task, project financing and business restructuring. With government offices, we have ever arranged the marketing process structure, erected the new risk management department, build the risk assessment tool and credit scoring and rating for state-owned financial institutions and Asset Management Company. NAA performed Mega-projects feasibility studies, built the budget system for subsidizing state enterprises for Ministry of Finance and risk control system for Budget Bureau of Thailand, and restructuring the Consultants Information Centre. We have done the training for the whole Islamic bank of Thailand, Telephone Organization of Thailand. Our strategy lay-out and policy-assessment work customers are Department of Highways, Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand and Office of the National Brodcasting and Telecommunication Commission. Our Mega projects include superhighways, inter-highway, Inter Containers Depot of State Railway of Thailand and high-speed train for Office of National Traffic and Transport planning.

Remarkable Projects

No. project Client Period
1 The survey and detail design and feasibility assessments of passenger port for tourism purposes in the Phuket International Airport (boat and plane transfers) Marine Department 17-Mar-2016 to 17-Sep-2017
2 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) For The development of the southern coastal areas. Office of transport and traffic policy and planning 1-Oct-2015 to 30-Sep-2016
3 Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Environmental Assessment Study on Water Transport from Pasak River through Chaopraya River and the Gulf of Thailand Marine Department 12-Jun-2015 to 27-Nov-2017
4 Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Cruise Ports at Krabi and Samui Locations Marine Department 31-Mar-2015 to 30-Sep-2016
5 Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Double-Track Rail for
Paknumpo-Denchai Route
State Railway of Thailand 26-Mar-2015 to 25-Mar-2016
6 Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Double-Track Rail for
KonKaen-Nongkai Route
State Railway of Thailand 26-Mar-2015 to 25-Mar-2016
7 Project of Feasibility syudy and preliminary design for aerospace industrial park of Thailand Office of transport and traffic policy and planning 26-Sep-2014 to 26-Sep-2015
8 Feasibility Study of Economic, Engineering and Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway route Yantakao-Palien-Tungwa-Langu Department of Highways 6-May-2014 to 5-May-2015
9 Feasibility Study of Economic, Engineering, Detailed Designs and Environmental Impact Assessment of Chumporn Deepsea Port Marine Department 4-Feb-2014 to 3-Feb-2016
10 Annual Planning and Revision of Risk Process and Internal Audit Year 2014 Government Lottery Office 8-Oct-2013 to 8-Oct-2014
11 Accounting and Financial Management Systems Reform of Thailand’s railway Sector Asian Development Bank (ADB) May 2013
12 Workshop on strategic policy transfer into work processes Provincial authority of Thailand 04-Apr-2013 to 06-Apr-2013
13 The Study of Main Competitiveness Indicators and Consumer Surplus in Telecommunication Industries Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission 01-Apr-2013 to 31-Dec-2013
14 Workshop on credit analysis on freelance type clients Government Housing Bank Sep-2013
15 The Feasibility Study of New Highspeed Train (NorthEastern Route) Office of transport and traffic policy and planning 30-Nov-2012 to 30-Jan-2014
16 The Feasibility Study of New MotorWay Kanchanaburi-PuNamRon (to Devei, Myanmar) Department of Highways 23-Aug-2012 to 23-Nov-2013
17 The Forming of New Strategic Policy Platform for Research and Development Department Provincial authority of Thailand 17-Jul-2012 to 31 Jan-2013
18 Study of Implementing Self-Regulatory Body to Thailand Consultants Centre Ministry of Finance 27-Mar-2012 to 26-Sep-2012
19 Workshop on techniques in credit analysis process Islamic Bank of Thailand Jan-2012
20 Feasibility Study of Electrical Motorcycle Business in Thailand PEA International Engineering Company Limited 15-Nov-2011 to 15-Apr-2012
21 Workshop on non-performing asset management Bangkok Bank PLC 13-Jul-2011 to 14-Jul-2011
22 Workshop on good governance risk management with business units State Railway of Thailand 31-Mar-2011 to 01-Apr-2011
23 The Forming of New Strategic Policy Platform for Department of Highways Department of Highways 24-Mar-2011 to 23-Jan-2012
24 Workshop on non-performing asset management Government Housing Bank 17-Jan-2011 to 18-Jan-2011
14-Mar-2011 to 15-Mar-2011
25 Workshop on business development on lending target Islamic Bank of Thailand 24-Sep-2010 to 25-Sep-2010
26 Workshop on credit analysis on SMEs clients Islamic Bank of Thailand 17-Sep-2010 to 18-Sep-2010
27 Study of good governance risk management for project submission Pattaya municipality Sep-2010 to Nov-2010
28 Workshop on risk analysis and cost/benefit evaluation for budget planning Office of the telecommunication commissioners Aug-2010
29 Workshop on cost/benefit analysis for pre-approval projects TOT public company limited 2-Aug-2010 to 4-Aug-2010
30 Study of Demand and Market Potential for Products and Services of Thailand Nuclear Technology Institute. Thailand Nuclear Technology Institute 01-Jul-2010 to 30-Dec-2010
31 Production of Knowledge Media for credit analysis Government Housing Bank Jul-2010
32 Workshop on project write-up and management under good governance risk management codes TOT public company limited 12-Jul-2010 to 14-Jul-2010
33 The Feasibility Study and Concession Evaluation for Thai Railway Inland Container Depot (ICD) Lardkrabang State Railway of Thailand 01-Jun-2010 to 31-Aug-2010
34 Training on annual project evaluation and monitoring Department of Customs 28-Jun-2010 to 29-Jun-2010
35 Training on work process in good governance and TRIS guideline State Railway of Thailand Apr-2010
36 Training on fraud risk management Government Housing Bank Nov-2009
37 Study of holistic approach risk management Office of budget bureau Jun-2009
38 Training of good governance risk management Department of Highways Jun-2009
39 Study of good governance risk management Office of budget bureau Feb-2009 to Jan-2010
40 The risk management system. Bangkok Commercial Asset management Co, Ltd. 04-Aug-2008 to 04-Aug-2009
41 The Study of Developing of Economic, Engineering and Environmental Data Centre for Department of Highways Department of Highways 02-Jun-2008 to 31-Aug-2009
42 The Study of New Public Service Obligation System for Ministry of Finance State Enterprise Policy Office 01-Feb-2008 to 27-Feb-2009
43 The Modeling of Credit Risk Rating Tool for Government Saving Bank Government Saving Bank 28-Dec-2007 to 28-Dec-2012
44 The continuous development of risk management systems and a focus on practical effectiveness. The Transport Company Limited 01-Jun-2007 to 31-Aug-2007
45 Training on Risk Management for Value creation The Transport Company Limited Jun-2006 to Aug-2006
46 The Feasibility Study of New Logistic Support Company Port Authority of Thailand 01-Sep-2006 to 31-Oct-2006
47 The economic feasibility study, engineering and environmental impact. Survey and detailed design. Construction of the new highway late Chonburi – BanBung Department of Highways 17-Jul-2006 to 16-Nov-2007
48 Assets and business due-diligence work Siriproject Group of companies Jun-2005 to Aug-2005
49 The Study of Developing Risk Management System Port Authority of Thailand 02-Jan-2006 to 31-Jul-2006
50 The study of marketing process channel Government Housing Bank Jun-2004 to Dec-2004
51 The development of credit guarantee facilities Office of SMEs promotion Feb-2004 to May-2004
52 The feasibility Study of establishing a cruise terminal within Bangkok and neighboring provinces Port Authority of Thailand March-2017 to Present
53 The survey and design study for navigation improvement from phongphang canal to the Wat Pananchoeng in Ayutthaya Province Marine Department March-2017 to Present
54 The study of financial and investment models for third phase Map Ta Phut Industrial deep sea port Industrial Estate Authority Of Thailand March-2017 to Present